Metatrader 5

Vextrader supports Metatrader 5 (MT5) for all our traders & investors.


The Online Trading Platform MetaTrader 5, or Commonly Known as MT5

is the successor of the well-known MetaTrader 5 (MT5). It was developed by MetaQuotes Software Corp.

The biggest advantage that MT5 possesses over its predecessor is its flexibility to offer an extended number of instruments from various asset classes .


Vextrader utilizes the latest iteration of the most popular trading platform in the world – MetaTrader 5. With more robust security, comprehensive trading tools, we have seen profits skyrocket ever since the implementation of MT5.

MetaTrader 5 is the new and improved version of its predecessor, MT4, which is considered the most popular trading platform for FX traders the world over. Not only is MT5 faster and more powerful than MT4, but you get access to the full range of markets including Stocks, Forex, Indices, Commodities and Cryptocurrencies. A true multi-asset trading experience.


Why Choose MetaTrader 5?

The Smartest Platform in the World.


Commerce Integration

Unlike MT4, the newer platform has commerce integration allows traders to rent of purchase currency (forex) products directly. This can be done through the market tab.



MetaTrader 5 has 38 inbuilt indicators and 22 analytical objects along with 46 graphical objects. Compare this to MT4’s 30 indicators and it’s the financial instruments advancements made.


Improved Timeframes and Charting

MetaTrader 5 offers 21 timeframes compared to just 9 for MT4. There are also unlimited charting options with over a hundred that can be open at one time.


A Plethora Of Market Order Ability

MT5 allows for 2 market orders and 6 pending orders as well as 2 stop orders. Compare this to MT4 which only allows 2 markets orders and 4 pending orders.


Fundamental Analysis Availability

There is an inbuilt MT5 forex calendar that has features such as schedules, new events, forecasts, expected impacts and other elements. These are perfect for traders who prefer fundamental analysis to make their trading decisions.


Forex traders have a choice of which trading platform to use. However, not every type of trading platform is offered by every broker.

The MetaTrader 4 Platforms The MetaTrader 5 Platforms
Was launched in 2005 Was launched in 2010
Is offered by most Forex brokers Is offered by some Forex brokers
Sets the industry standard for a Forex / CFD trading platform Complies with U.S. FIFO “no hedging” rule so suites U.S. Traders
Is extremely popular Might look like, but it’s not version of MetaTrader 4
Is much less popular than MetaTrader 4

Key Difference :

MetaTrader 4

  • MQL4 language
  • Allow slow single back testing
  • No technical support ( but huge community )
  • Only traditional time frames
  • 4 types of pending orders
  • Language is not compatible with MetaTrader 5
  • No Depth of Market ( DOM ) shown
  • No economic calendar

MetaTrader 5

  • MQL5 language
  • Allow fast multiple back testing
  • Technical support
  • Support more than twice as many time frames as MetaTrader 4
  • 6 types of pending orders
  • Language works in MetaTrader 4
  • Depth of Market ( DOM ) data included
  • economic calendar included

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